Scientec offers a variety of diagnostics and useful hardware to work with EUV sources and radiation.

- Power tool, research version

- Power tool, permanent monitor version

- Transmission grating spectrometer

- Filter wheel/shutter unit

All tools can be tailored to customer specs. Enquiries for custom designs are welcome. Prices and further information on request.

- Power tool, research version:

This instrument can be used to measure EUV source power at 13.5 nm in a 2% band width. Radiation from the source is reflected with a ML-mirror and directed to a filtered photo diode that converts the incident radiation to an electrical signal representative of the energy. The mirror is mounted on a tilt manipulator to enable precise alignment of the radiation directed at the diode. The tool chamber has flanges to facilitate mounting of a turbo pump and pressure gauge. Largest flange size used is 4.5” CF. A shutter to protect the mirror is optional. The advantage of this “external” tool as compared to “internal” tools from competitors is the possibility to:
- work at a large distance from the source to minimize contamination and at the same time be able to differentially pump the tool to reduce the measurement uncertainty caused by the tool pressure;
- visually check the alignment by looking through the window and correct it with the mirror manipulator under vacuum conditions;
- separate the tool from the chamber with a valve and therefore be able to protect the entire tool from contamination and service the tool without having to break the source chamber vacuum.

- Power tool, permanent monitor version:

The basic operation principle of this tool is the same as the research version. It has no vacuum manipulator for the mirror though but a possibility to preset the mirror angle at installation. It has no alignment window and it is a lot smaller, overall flange size is 2 3/4” CF. It is intended for permanent installation at a source and used to regularly check the source power.

- Transmission Grating Spectrometer:

The spectrometer can be used to measure radiation spectra in the wavelength range 7-80 nm with a resolution better than 0.1 nm. It employs a transmission grating with 100 nm period as the dispersive element. Alignment is straightforward with the pinhole manipulators and several filters can be selected under vacuum. The tool has lower resolution than for instance grazing incidence specrometers but for most applications the resolution is sufficient. The main advantages of this spectrometer are the possibility to mount it without support in any arbitrary position, small size, ease of use and low price. The tool can also be used as a pinhole camera.

- Filter wheel/shutter unit:

This has proven to be a useful asset in working with EUV tools. The compact unit enables mounting of up to 10 filters and the combination with the Uniblitz shutter makes it very useful for i.e. working with pinhole cameras. Standard manual operation can be motorized. Body flange size 6” or 8” CF or ISO, standard connecting flanges 2 3/4” (other sizes on request).

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