Company profile

Scientec Engineering is active in five areas:

3D CAD Engineering:

Either at your office or at Scientecís office. Experienced in special machinery and UHV compatible constructions / mechanisms for research application.

Research services:

If you temporarily need an experienced extra pair of hands in your lab Scientec can be of service.

Tectra agency:

Scientec is agent for Tectra GmbH in the Benelux. Tectra offers instruments and vacuum components.

UHV Manipulators:

Scientec offers UHV compatible tilt-translation stages that can be used to position a lens or other object inside a vacuum system.

EUV Tools:

Scientec offers several EUV power tools, an EUV TGS Spectrometer and other useful hardware like a filterwheel/shutter unit.

Contact information:

Scientec Engineering
Krachtighuizerweg 34H15
3881 PD Putten - Netherlands
M: +31-(0)6-28834190
Mail to:

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