Single and dual stage tilt manipulators

Ever wanted to position a mirror or lens inside your vacuum system? You probably found that your tabletop positioning systems were not suited for use in vacuum, and if they were needed vacuum compatible motorization to enable control. Commercially available vacuum motion feedthroughs are awkward to use with optics, not compact and need an added construction to hold the optic.


Scientecs manipulators are unique. This is the first range of commercially available manipulators which directly accept standard sizes optics and are fully UHV compatible. They bridge the gap between standard positioning stages and motion feedthroughs. We offer a range of high precision tilt/translation manipulators for mirrors and lenses in single and dual stage versions.

These manipulators can be used to position and align optics and other items inside a vacuum system with stable, precise and reproducible control from the outside. Originally designed for the Flying Circus EUV diagnostics FC2 and FC3 to align the instruments ML mirrors (see EUV Metrology), now also available separately. A complete description can be found in the manipulator brochure (pdf).

Download Brochure V1.3

Main specs:

- Accepts ½”, 1", 40 mm, 50 mm and 2” optics
- Bakeout temp: 150 deg C. (UHV)
- Range: +/- 5 deg tilt +/- 4,5 mm z-translation
- Resolution: +/- 0,01 deg +/- 0,01 mm

Standard options:
- In-line with the optic through bore with CF40/CF16 flange
- ISO flanges

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